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Arizona Diamond Buyers Know Why Your Grandmothers' Wedding Sets are Worth More Than Yours

Carat for carat, your gemstone values might appraise the same in clarity, cut, and size, in today's market. The reasons why your grandmothers' wedding rings are often worth more is surprising to most young people but not to Arizona diamond buyers. 

Why Are Older Rings More Valuable?

Modern lifestyles have changed and so have women's tastes in diamond rings. Even if they opt for a larger gemstone, most women do not need a heavy-duty pure gold wedding band to withstand the challenges pioneer women worked through.

It makes sense that with dishwashers, clothing washer/dryers, gardeners, and many other modern day conveniences, today's wedding rings don't take the beating of those designed in generations past.

You have the luxury of selecting precious rings designed more delicately, weighing less, and fitting comfortably lighter on a woman's slender fingers. Lighter modern engagement and wedding ring fashions are often designed with two or three intertwined bands fabricated with thinly styled gold, and newer metal alloys.

Appraising Old Rings for Resale

  1. Grandmothers' rings were usually made of  pure gold which increases the per-gram value for even the simplest of gold bands, in today's market value.
  2. The purity and weight of grandmother's simple gold band may be calculated higher in value gram for gram than today's precious metals.
  3. People take an old era broach, bracelet, set of earrings, or a necklace to be appraised without realizing their most precious piece is sitting in their jewelry box, that simple old gold band. 

Seek a Trusted and Informed Appraisal

At Ralph Mueller & Associates, our Arizona diamond buyers stay current with all aspects of  current market valuations. They also keep current  with the fluctuating gold market.

The best decision you can make is to have a highly-trusted, certified gemologist appraise the quality of your older jewelry. The professional considerations and processes used to test for the purity of old gold determines the true value of older jewelry. 

Contact the Arizona diamond buyers Ralph Mueller & Associates to discuss the hidden treasures waiting in your jewelry box.