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AZ Diamond BuyersWe've all heard the saying, "A diamond is forever."  This may explain why people rarely sell their diamonds or feel uncomfortable purchasing previously-owned diamonds. Despite this emotional investment in diamonds, there are occasions when consumers may need or want to sell their diamond jewelry. If you are considering selling your unwanted or unused diamonds, you should take great caution to ensure you're receiving the best price possible. Pawn shops simply won't give you what your diamond is worth. If you are thinking about selling your diamonds, gold or jewelry, you owe it to yourself to contact Ralph Mueller & Associates. Our AZ diamond buyers offer the best prices on quality diamonds in Arizona and throughout the nation!

When you sell your diamond to Ralph Mueller & Associates, you can receive up to $128,000 for your jewelry, depending on the size and quality of the stone! If your diamond is 1 carat or more, our AZ diamond buyers offer a free, no-hassle quote. To receive the best prices on diamonds in Arizona, just click here!

Our AZ diamond buyers have been in the diamond trade since 1983, so you can be assured that we are a trusted name in the industry. At Ralph Mueller & Associates, we are always striving to provide superior customer service that is always courteous, respectful, and professional. When it comes to selling your diamonds and diamond jewelry, you need to choose a company you can trust. Ralph Mueller & Associates is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Jewelers Board of Trade, GIA Alumni Association, RapNet, and Polygon Jewelry Network.