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Buying a Diamond


There are many factors which determine pricing when jewelers are buying a diamond. All of these factors stand alone for evaluation of your diamond, but are used together when determining  the value.


Everyone knows that the bigger the diamond, the more it is worth. Carats may represent the weight of the diamond but not the actual size.  In order to properly consider size, carats must be combined with the distance across the top of the surface and the cut. The cut can actually make a diamond of lower carat weight appear larger than a diamond that has a carat weight higher and a poor cut.


The shape of your diamond plays an important role in determining the value when jewelers are buying a diamond. Different shapes offer better light retraction making them far more popular than others.

  • Round Cut: These are the most popular types of diamonds. The shape offers excellent refraction of light and can be more valuable compared with other shapes.
  • Princess Cut: These diamonds are perfect squares with 90 degree angles. The most valuable of all princess diamonds are the perfect square shapes rather than rectangular shapes.
  • Radiant Cut: This cut couples a round cut and square shape to offer a shape similar to that of an emerald.
  • Asscher Cut: This cut is similar to an emerald cut, but it offers corners which are angled and cropped.
  • Marquise Cut: This cut is similar in shape to a football and features pointed ends to offer a dramatic appeal
  • Emerald Cut: These cuts are rectangular and more transparent than other cuts offering higher clarity.

Clarity and Color

All diamond have a certain number of microscopic imperfections which occur naturally. This is known as clarity of the diamond. A diamond with the least amount of imperfections will receive higher clarity grades than those with more imperfections. Color  refers to the lack of color in a diamond. A scale ranging from D to Z is used to determine the color. Those with absolutely no color receive a D and those with more pale yellow color receive higher ratings. It's important to note that this color is not visible to the naked eye.

With the many qualities that diamond jewelry offers it's important to make sure you get the best price for your diamonds. Knowing some information about the process ensures a smooth process for you and the buyer.