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Tips on How to Sell Diamonds

If you’re like most people, you probably have many pieces of jewelry that you don’t wear on a regular basis anymore. These old items are likely to contain a considerable amount of precious metals; if a piece of jewelry has any diamonds or gemstones, the value of that piece climbs even higher. If you want to know how to sell diamonds, here are four important things you should keep in mind.

Find out if it's a Real Diamond

It’s very tricky for the average layperson to discern a real diamond from a stone intended to look like a diamond; determining a diamond's authenticity should be left up to an expert. In most cases, a simple examination through a jeweler’s loupe is all that’s required, though only an expert will know what to look for.

Get a Report for Each Stone

Take each piece to a qualified assessor and ask for documentation attesting to the weight, grade, and color of each authentic diamond. This information is of interest to diamond buyers, so having these reports with you will help you determine the worth of your diamonds.

Have Reasonable Expectations

People who know how to sell diamonds understand that having reasonable expectations regarding how much you'll receive for your stone is important. Just because a stone of a similar weight and grade is selling for a certain amount doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to sell yours for the same price. Have reasonable expectations – but don't settle for less than what you know your diamond is actually worth.

Ask the Experts

To really understand how to sell diamonds, contact us here at Ralph Mueller & Associates and speak with one of our experts. Our experienced professionals are some of the most knowledgeable in the jewelry industry and can help you determine the right time to sell your diamonds.