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Fool's Gold: How to Tell If Your Gold is Real

How to Determine Real Gold

Before accepting a gold gift or buying one, you must determine whether it is real gold or not. The American Jewelry market requires that real gold must contain more than 58% of pure gold or 10 karats, so how to tell a gold is real? Either take the gold to a certified jeweler and get it tested for a fee or conduct these simple home tests.

Check Hallmark/Stamp

Real gold must contain a number followed by initial K either on the inside or side of the ring, bracelet or metal. The number shows the karat quantity and fineness of the metal out of 24. For instance, 14K implies that your metal contains 14 karats or 14 out of 24 of the metal contents is gold while 24K implies that your metal is 100% pure gold.

Discoloration and Scratch Test

Real gold should not react with your skin. Thus, to test, hold the gold for a couple of minutes. The sweat on your hand will create a chemical reaction with the gold, if your skin discolors as a result of this reaction, then the metal is not real gold. Scratching the metal deeply reveals the metal beneath, if a scratch is visible underneath the top layer, that is nor gold.

Nitric Acid Test

To conduct an acid test, use a nail file to make a tiny scratch on the metal. Using a dropper, apply a drop of the acid to the scratched surface. Real gold should not exhibit any reaction, thus, if you see a green color, then the metal is not real gold. If a light green color is exhibited, the metal contains little traces of gold but a no reaction at all shows that the metal is real gold.

Magnetic and Heaviness Test

Real Gold is not a magnetic material or simply put; it is not attracted to a magnet. Hence, if you hold a magnet to your gold, and it sticks to the magnet, then it is not real gold. Heaviness test is done by simply dipping the metal in water. Real gold is heavier than water, thus, if the metal floats in water, then it is not real gold.

The above tips on how to tell if gold is real do not work independently, thus, conduct a range of tests and only conclude that gold is real after getting consistently positive results.

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