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Paying Up for Platinum Pedigree

Since the 16th century, platinum has been worn, coveted and considered a valuable asset to the scientific field. The precious metal continues to be a desirable commodity for people from various walks of life. Going "platinum" is the newest "gold" standard in the world of the rich and famous. Your platinum jewelry could leave your local platinum buyer longing to share that extensive lineage with other jewelry enthusiasts in the industry.

Platinum Pedigree

For the many who find the silvery sheen of platinum more appealing then gold, the opportunities for profit are as countless as the sparkles in a loved one's eye after they receive the gift of a platinum engagement ring. A true complement to the sparkle of a diamond, platinum always performs well for an audience. Famously used in catalytic converters and always in vogue, platinum epitomizes how function can also be fashion-forward. That combination is the perfect recipe for profit. Have you a veritable silver spoon just waiting for you to discover it? You just might!

Getting High Marks

Purity means profit. Is your platinum jewelry a little fish in a big pond? Perhaps you have something of more value than you imagined. What does the knowledgeable platinum buyer look for in terms of platinum? Here are a few facts to help give you the upper hand in selling your platinum piece for dollars in a way that makes sense (not "cents")!

  • Most platinum sold in the United States is at least 85 percent platinum with 15 percent being a mixture of other metals.
  • If your platinum is marked "platinum" your jewelry piece should be at least 95 percent or 950 (parts per thousand) pure platinum. The higher the percentage the better the return.
  • Platinum is abbreviated to "Pt." and other metals such as Palladium or Rhodium are abbreviated as well. If you see 200 Pd. (Palladium) or 200 Rh. (Rhodium) on your platinum 20 percent of your piece is a different metal. 80 percent could be platinum!
  • If your platinum is unmarked it may be less than 50 percent pure. If you are unsure of the markings, local jewelers can clarify whether or not you will reap profit or pennies.

Local to Phoenix, Arizona, Ralph Mueller & Associates are platinum buyers that can help you find your silver lining! Stop in today and discover if your platinum has a pedigree worth paying for!