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Sell Gold Jewelry

Like many people in today's economy, you may be in need of some extra money in your back pocket. One way to do this is to sell gold jewelry. However, before you embark upon selling family pieces or jewelry you have collected along the way, it is important to find a reputable buyer and know all you can about your gold jewelry.

Finding a Professional Buyer

 When you search for a buyer to whom to tell , it is important their business includes several components reflecting a solid reputation and years of experience. A reputable gold buyer will be:

  • An employer of skilled jewelers.
  • An employer of gemologists belonging to the GIA.
  • A member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • An experienced buyer with a respected reputation and positive customer reviews.

Finding a buyer with these credentials will help you to receive an honest and accurate payment for your gold jewelry.

Research Your Pieces

Another way to make sure you receive the best price possible when you sell gold jewelry is to understand the value of your gold. To find the purity, you can have a jeweler perform a scratch test, or you can search for an inscription on the piece. The weight of your gold can be determined by the use of a kitchen scale. Once these two measurements are found, you can calculate the value of the gold piece with one of the many online calculators available.

If you want to sell gold jewelry and make a little extra money, it is important to find an honest dealer and understand the value of your gold. These two components will lessen your chances of receiving an inaccurate price for your piece. Ralph Mueller & Associates can help you sell your gold. Call (480) 949-9299 today to learn more selling gold jewelry.