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How to Sell Gold

You want to be careful when you sell gold, but you don’t want to feel as though you have to second guess every decision. The key to selling anything truly valuable is to do your homework and gather as much information as possible about the company you will be doing business with in order that you can make a truly educated decision. Even if you don’t get as much money as you think you should have, at least you won’t feel completely cheated.

Timing is Everything

One of the first things you should be sure of when you sell gold is that you’re doing so at the right time. The price of gold can change on a daily basis, so you have to act at the right time in order to get the most money. Sell your gold too quickly, and you risk selling it at a low market value; sell it too slowly and you risk missing a valuable opportunity when the price is high. The value of gold is a lot like the stock market: there are periods of feast and famine and you have to have a feel for the market in order to determine which way the scales will tip.

Other Things to Learn

Before selling gold, educate yourself on the different purities and forms of gold, including gold bullion, ingots, scrap gold and precious metal. You should also do your homework on local gold buyers before you sell gold since some could be more equipped and give you a better deal than others. Ralph Mueller & Associates is the longest established gold and jewelry buyer in the Phoenix Metro area. We are confident that you won't find a more trusted buyer or a better price when you sell gold in Arizona.