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Star Sapphires- An Untapped Resource

If you are searching for a reasonable investment opportunity or are in need of some immediate cash-flow, unique jewelry offers the perfect solution! Recently the largest star sapphire stone in history emerged on the market sparking new interest in the buying and selling of star sapphire stones. Now is the optimal time to peruse through your local jewelry shop for that one-of-a-kind star sapphire purchase. And for those looking to sell jewelry, Phoenix, Arizona has quality jewelry buyers who know and understand the market for star sapphire stones. If you happen to find one of those unique gem pieces in your personal jewelry collection, you'll appreciate the "star" power, the 6-ray sapphire stone wields in the jewelry industry.

Glittering with promise under natural light or direct light, the star sapphire stone's six ray star effect attracts buyers and consummate admirers of fine gems to the jewelry market.  With a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, star sapphire stones are second in hardness only to diamonds.  While the blue star sapphire stone is the most desired and mayhap most well-known color of star sapphire stone in the industry, it can come in a variety of colors. Here are a few of the colors that are characteristic of a star stone sapphire:

  • various shades of blue
  • pink
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • lavender
  • gray
  • black

The intensity of the blue in a star sapphire stone determines the amount of interest it brings in regards to potential buyers or jewelry connoisseurs.  The higher the dome-shaped cut of the stone, the more pronounced the six ray effect becomes. This is another way for buyers or sellers of the "star" gem to meter the quality or investment potential of the gem itself. September is a great month for star sapphire stones as it is considered the birth stone of that specific month. Also known as the star of Taurus, your unique investment (or profitable opportunity) jewelry piece once was considered a protective talisman for travelers by the ancients.  Let the star sapphire stone be your guide to a better future. Check out what the expert jewelers in The Valley of the Sun have to say about this very unique and highly desirable gem and discover your little piece of heaven today!