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Where To Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Finding the most appropriate and desirable place to sell gold jewelry is a challenge that many people face every day. Selling gold is a great way to add a little extra room to a tight monthly budget. Driving down the street in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you'll see gold shops all over, but how can you tell which ones are reputable?


A business isn't going to hang around in a competitive market like Phoenix without excelling in many, if not all, areas. Honesty, integrity and trust have been core pillars of the Ralph Mueller team. The trust of the local clientele is a testament to the long history of Ralph Mueller, where local residents have come for decades to sell gold jewelry and other jewelry pieces in an environment with trust and comfort.

On-Site Lab

Brands that invest in their own equipment and abilities are brands that are poised to be around in the future. Ralph Mueller hosts a high-end gemological lab on site. This gives them the ability to analyze precious gem stones more carefully, so that they can price them as high as possible for their customers. This service has kept Ralph Mueller in business since 1983.

Credentials and track-record are the logical, common-sense way to judge pretty much any business, and the gold and precious metal buying business is no different. If you looking for a business in your local area with a multi-decade-long, positive track record of serving their community effectively, look no further than Ralph Mueller. If you are looking to sell gold jewelry in the Phoenix area, Ralph Mueller is the place to trust with your business.